About Us



Chigari Foundation is a non-profit organization, whose goal is to provide world-class leadership in engaging communities to implement actions that will positively transform lives and the society. Dr Muhammad Ali Pate established the Foundation with an aspiration for Chigari Foundation to be among the foremost indigenous civil society organisations in Nigeria. The Foundation is driven by need and highest possible impact. As such, its interventions are practical and their impacts measurable. We take the view that learning (education) and health transitions are the most important as well as basic transitions for millions of young people, thus it is critical to address massive crisis in basic education, literacy and numeracy as well as health, to safeguard Nigeria’s future.

Our Mission


Our mission is to fast-track social and economic transformation in populations and communities that are deprived, disempowered and needy, by bringing together stakeholders in the governance, community, market, donor and social programing for effective intervention.


Our Vision


Our vision is to be the leading aggregator of resources, including expertise, local knowledge, donor funding and staff to deliver practical development and humanitarian interventions in governance, healthcare, nutrition, education, skill acquisition, employment, youth development, gender empowerment and civic engagement to communities that need them most, in a transparent and measureable manner.

Our Approach



Our approach is premised on our understanding that true engagement with communities entails genuine partnership with institutions, structures and systems to address supply and demand constraints for improving social services. There are four values guiding our approach:

1. Genuine community Partnership

Entry point for our partnerships is always the welfare of the community. 

2. Trust based on Integrity

We work with the highest levels of integrity in all that we do, so as to be trustworthy for the communities that we engage in partnership. We consider the link of “trust” as a sacred bond, which in Hausa language is called “Amana”.

3. Discipline in Execution

We strive to ensure highest discipline and diligence in the ways we execute the agreements we make with our partners. We apply the best possible tools of scientific management adapted to the northern Nigerian context, to ensure rigor and excellence in execution.

4. Achieve Sustainable Impact

We continually strive to make sustainable positive impact in our partner communities, with our external partners as well as within our own organisation.



The Foundation is determined to achieve the following objectives:

1. Work through networks of credible community leaders and local institutions to improve service delivery and human development in a transparent manner.

2.  Enhance community engagement by developing low-cost, high quality sustainable models of engagement, to drive demand for supply-side improvements in service delivery by government and development partners.

3.  Empower the youth and socially deprived persons to acquire education and skills, so that they can make informed decisions and be more responsible for their economic and social well being.

4.  Catalyse momentous improvement in access to education and drive improvement in learning outcomes to address the gap, particularly in North Eastern Nigeria.

5.  Improve community health through an inclusive process that involves community leaders and service providers.

6.  Facilitate involvement in service delivery by State and Local Government officials.

7.  Facilitate increase in the capacity of government institutions to effectively deliver interventions and services where needed most.

8.  Complement government and partner efforts in tackling security related challenges in the Northeast through community social networks.