We aspire to achieve transformative outcomes across 4 core programme areas. In terms of Health Chigari foundation aims to improve outcomes in Primary Health Care (PHC) delivery with emphasis on maternal and child health through the provision of routine immunization, vaccines and lifesaving commodities. Chigari Foundation aims to deliver, evidence-based, high quality basic Education through alternative delivery mechanisms to children of school age in 3-selected North Eastern States. The foundation also aims to make advances towards broader self-sufficiency through specific job-creation transitions targeted at reforming the workforce and labour amongst the Youth. Finally the foundation aims to accelerate socio-cultural engagement of local society members and leaders in order to make advances that support Civic Responsibility across all demographics with Informal channels playing a key role given the level of credibility and trust that they inspire.


Our Mission


Our mission is to fast-track social and economic transformation in populations and communities that are deprived, disempowered and needy, by bringing together stakeholders in the governance, community, market, donor and social programming for effective intervention.


Our Vision


Our vision is to be the leading aggregator of resources, including expertise, local knowledge, donor funding and staff to deliver practical development and humanitarian interventions in governance, healthcare, nutrition, education, skill acquisition, employment, youth development, gender empowerment and civic engagement to communities that need them most, in a transparent and measureable manner.


Our Approach


Our approach is premised on our understanding that true engagement with communities entails genuine partnership with institutions, structures and systems to address supply and demand constraints for improving social services.